Committee and Activity Descriptions Organized by the Van Zant PTO

Our Van Zant PTO is actively involved in many aspects of the our children’s school year. There are over 20 opportunities throughout the year to participate in a committee or activity that will allow parents to get involved in the school community. The following are brief descriptions of the committees and activities we provide.

Art Goes to School – Art Goes to School is an art enrichment and appreciation program sponsored by the PTO and Board of Education. Each year AGTS receives a portfolio of prints representing art from a wide variety of countries, cultures and times. At AGTS meetings, our volunteers help each other learn about the prints. Together we brainstorm ways to present the prints to each class in a fun and interesting format.

Blood Drive – Once each year donors are sought to contribute to our local Red Cross Blood Bank.

Book Fair – Held in Fall and Spring, our PTO organizes a week long Scholastic Book Fair, where children and families can browse and purchase current, age-appropriate selections. This event continues to be a great fundraiser for our school and an enjoyable event for all.

Fifth Grade Activities – A designated committee along with volunteers  plan special events for our graduating class. Events include, but not limited to, Colonial Day, Pasta Night, end of the year Pool Party and fundraising.

The Fun Fair – The biggest PTO event of the year! Held annually, there are always new games, a huge prize room, awesome games of chance, and of course, an appearance by VZ. Volunteers and raffle prizes are always needed and appreciated.

Holiday Shops – Held twice a year, during late Fall & Spring, items are sold during school that can be special gifts for mothers, fathers, grandparents and other special caretakers and given as Winter Holidays gifts or Mother’s and Father’s day treats.

Hospitality Day Events – During our two luncheons during the year – Back to School Luncheon & Staff Appreciation Week Luncheon – a committee and volunteers coordinates food & refreshments.

Hospitality Evening Events – Similar to the Day Hospitality Events, committee and volunteers coordinates food & refreshments for monthly PTO meetings, Back to School

Pretzel Sales– Sponsored as a courtesy to our children, delicious pretzels are sold at Holiday time in candy cane and at Valentine’s Day in heart-shapes.

Recreational Activities – Throughout the year, our PTO members organize and sponsor non-fundraising recreational activities for students and their families. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Candy Bar Bingo
  • Skating Party
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Field Day

School Store – Once a month, during student lunch time, our PTO offers educational supplies such as pencils, erasers, notepads and rulers for purchase. Also available are Van Zant logo’d items and novelty items.

Science Spectacular – A day at Van Zant Elementary dedicated completely to science. Members of the PTO coordinate presenters, parent volunteers and the event program design.